I love spending time outdoors with my family on our small Alabama farm. We are new to this homestead life but so far we have 2 gardens, a blueberry patch and 5 chickens - as well as a few farm cats. Some of my hobbies include ceramics, swimming, and interior design. 

One of the most rewarding things about my job is being able to do it from home, see how much it changes my clients business, and being able to give back 10 percent of our profits to those in need of clean water.

Melissa started Triple M Studios when she found out unexpectedly that she was pregnant with twins after graduating graphic design school. 

Melissa has a unique background of being both an in-house designer, and an online business manager for a half a million dollar business. It was this role that lead her to her true passion - creating not just beautiful brands, but strategic brands and websites. Focusing not just on pretty and eye-catching design, but how to design with smart strategy, making marketing and sales easier.

After almost 6 years, she now runs her business from home in Alabama with 4 young children, all under the age of 6. She and her now small team, has helped business owners from all around the world create professional, high-end and unique websites that have both transformed the perceived quality and profitability of their business. 

my story

Meet Melissa

I'm just a visionary who loves creating and loving on my family. I have a big place in my heart for people in third world countries in need of clean water. We donate ten percent of our profit to Lifewater to help families get access to clean water. 

If you have been or are a client of mine, thank you. You are an answer to prayer. ⁠

Triple M Studios Gives Back

only 1 cup of
coffee per day

I really love...

my family

pass time

outside + barefoot

my fav hobby

Interior Design

or else I become a shakey 

Take a missions trip with my kids and husband to provide clean water to those in need.

On My Bucket List...

Learn to garden well + be self sustaining

On My Bucket List...

learn to play the guitar (i currently play drums but i think a string instrument would be cool)

On My Bucket List...

take a family vacation to the silos and meet chip and joanna gaines

On My Bucket List...

make the backyard shed into a ceramics studio and create all kinds of pottery for my family + to sell

On My Bucket List...

To be super transparent, when I first started this business, it was in search of my identity as a young mom. It was a creative outlet and to prove to myself that I could still be "successful" even though life went way different than planned.

God has shown me that this business I have is not for what I can do for myself but what HE can do through me for other people.

Changing my clients life by doing my very best work for them and creating converting websites is so rewarding.

Showing my kids what it's like to balance work and play is so humbling.

Blessing other moms with work within Triple M Studios is a dream come true.

Providing the financial means for people in third world countries to have access to clean water and the gospel is priceless.
⁠ ⁠
God can do more for your business in one minute than you can for it in 100 years. ⁠

To serve my clients, my family and most of all, my god. 

My mission

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with cream

cream + sugar

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