Brand Building Workshop

June 11, 2020

How are you, the busy-business-women-who-juggles-life too, going to keep up with these time-intensive design DIY sessions?!

For starters, you’re going to start doing it with me. But at lightning speed.



Oh, Good! I’m glad I could catch you!

I’ll make this quick, you have a hundred things to do.


I mean, of course you do!  There’s this passion and purpose you’re living, taking shape in the form of your dream business. It’s really cool.


But what’s not really cool, is the constant feeling of going back and forth with how things should look.

You know what I mean?

You sit down to create a graphic and it feels like you’re’ starting over. It’s a downward spiral from that moment on.

Because next it’s the, “WHAT SHOULD MY FONT BE TODAY?!” Then it’s the colors?!  
OH.  NO. Major distraction.

Is this the right shade?

Is this the right mood?

What the heck is my html code color?!

The sheer amount of pressure to get it ALL right, has you in a cold sweat and keeps you from doing the stuff in business that really matters.

(Because to be the best business on the block, you have to have a consistent look.)

An hour goes by. UGH. You’re still working on the same graphic.

There are so many other things you can be doing right now, like helping your people.

I’m Melissa, owner of a brand design, I’m going to help you create a business brand blueprint.   - See right now, when you try to create the look of your business it looks different than it did last week. You keep changing your mind because you're not sure HOW it should look. And that confuses your customers...

I’m Melissa, owner of a brand design studio.

today, I’m going to help you create a business brand blueprint.  

See right now, when you try to create the look of your business it looks different than it did last week. You keep changing your mind because you’re not sure HOW it should look. And that confuses your customers…



  • Knowing exactly what color and font to use because you have a brand style guide every time you sitting down to work. (Because you picked it with the help of a designer and branding expert.)
  • Being able to invoke the exact feeling you want to create for your audience with every graphic you now create. And guess what? That look and feeling build trust with your audience. (Hello paying customers!)
  • Finally having a consistent and PROFESSIONAL brand that makes you the expert that everyone wants to hire. And guess what again?! Those customers actually want to pay you a premium price now. They perceive and SEE your value now.



Sounds nice, huh?!  

You no longer have to imagine.

In my Brand Building Workshop, it’s all yours.

In my 4 day workshop you’ll receive a live training each day,
enabling you to finally create a beautiful, professional and strategic brand.

I’ll personally walk you through the exact steps I used to position half a million dollar brands I’ve designed – like Simply Sarah King.

Build the foundation of your brand so it can finally feel professional and unique to your business.
Learn how to master the design concepts professional designers use and turn it into more sales and money.



Walk away with…

  1. a professional logo
  2. Brand Mood board
  3. color palette
  4. fonts to use and direction on how to use them correctly
  5. and a brand board/style guide


Take the overwhelm out of the design role you play as a business owner.

have a brand blueprint to guide every visual element moving forward.



Early Bird Bonuses include:

(if you register before April 4th!)

1. 30 Minute Marketing Strategy with Melissa

2. $500 off website design discount (when used in the year of 2018)


What previous students are saying…






It’s time to look legit, not homemade.


5 Day Workshop fee is only $327!

(That’s a fraction of the price of hiring a designer to do it for you.)
limited spots available.

Workshop starts : April 9th.

I’ll send you a welcome packet right to your email, when payment is received.

Here’s the truth…

You’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out this design stuff, wasting time, feeling overwhelmed.  
A branding blueprint will set you up as a professional who doesn’t spin around in circles and actually feels relaxed and happy.
You will have confidence knowing that a designer herself walked you through the exact process she uses.

And for a fraction of the price of working 1:1 with her.
Wouldn’t you like that?

I knew you would.  



1. Do I need any special design program or have to pay for anything else in the workshop?

Nope! We will do all the design work together in a very free and user friendly program that you can get on your phone or desktop. The workshop fee will cover everything you need.

2. What if I cannot make it to the live classes?

They will all be recorded and available afterwards.

3. Will I get feedback from you so that I know what I am designing actually looks good?

You will be able to get feedback from all the other students in the course in the private Facebook group. I will also be active in there giving feedback daily. If you want one-on-one time with private phone calls and with design support and brainstorming time, there will be limited spots for that at an extra charge. You can email me below if you want details.

4. are there payment plans available?

No, I tried to make this course so that it was affordable for everyone to have a beautiful brand. But you can always email me below with your specific situation below.

5. What if I cannot purchase this course? Will you be offering it again?

I am not sure if I will be offering this again and if I do, the price might increase. So now is better than ever! This is a one time opportunity to be able to work with a professional brand designer without forking over a ton of money.

6. If I wanted to work with you 1:1 for growing my brand and creating my website, would I still be able to?

Of course! Contact me below. We can create a custom offer for you.

7. I am a MLM. Is this workshop for me? 

Yes! Branding yourself is a fantastic way to go when you are with a MLM and it really enables your business to grow and change in the future and also allows you to be more in control of how much money you make!

Questions or Comments?

Get in touch with me below!

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