My Own Designer

June 11, 2020

first impressions form in just 10 seconds.

that means Design is CRUCIAL to the success of your small business’s first impression.

You KNOW your business is not looking the part.

Your graphics still look homemade after spending hours on it. And your instagram looks different from your facebook page.

But who has time to fix that? You have so much on your plate.

Small business owners do not have the luxury of in-house graphic designers down the hall way from your office.

So you’re stuck doing it all on your own.

That’s where I come in.


Hi! I’m Melissa, your personal designer. - I make your visuals stand out and make great first impressions.

Hi! I’m Melissa, your personal designer.

I make your visuals stand out and make great first impressions.


things we can do for you:

  • Social media graphics + templates

  • Website graphics and maintenance

  • Workbooks and PDF design

  • Proposals + Slide decks

  • Email headers + Campaign design

  • Digital + Print Advertisements

  • Business Cards

  • Launch graphics

  • And more!!

so let us be the creative brains to your visuals. - Cause you know you don’t have the time, or energy.

so let us be the creative brains to your visuals.

Cause you know you don’t have the time, or energy.

That all sounds great, but…

+ I really don’t do that much design though.

I bet once you start thinking about everything you put out there for your business and every platform you show up on, you will realize how much visuals play into it. Every image you post on social media, every PDF, proposal, blog post, email, web page on your site, etc. has the potential to be someone’s first impression of your business. If it is not designed well and cohesively, you may need my help after all. Just because you are not currently thinking about the design of the things you put out there, doesn’t mean your business is not showing up visually.

+ But who has the budget for that?

We offer design retainer packages for far less than you may think. Depending on where you are at in your business, we have different packages avialble for a different amount of set hours per month. If you are not sure you need our help yet, try our trial month package with no commitment or contract.

+ Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

Our main packages come with a 6 month minimum commitment.
We do offer a trial month package where you can try it out for a month. No commitment, no hard feelings.

+ Wouldn’t my money be better off spent on a virtual assistant?

You may think this, but a lot of times VA’s can only do really simple tasks and do not know any knowledge of what makes a good graphic. We can do everything a VA can do but also with the training and knowledge of how strategic design and branding work together to get someone to stop their scroll and hit that button you want them too. #moresalesandtraction.

However, if you are looking to further grow your team, I can also work really well and close with your VA by making them graphic templates and also incorporating the grahpics into what they are already doing for you.

+ Yeah, but I can make graphics for my business for free and a lot faster than anyone else.

Actually no. Beacuse I know how to brand cohesively + I become a part of your team, I learn your brand really fast and well. I create branded templates for your brand that allows me to turn out graphics quickly wihtout you putzing around just trying to make it look right and wasting time where you could have been working on something that is actually making your business money.

In just 1 hours time, I created 9 templates and further graphics for one of my clients. This would have taken her days.

In the long run, it will establish your business and following and make your more money and save you tons of time.

This may be your perfect opportunity to have that branded instagram feed you’ve always wanted.

You have to admit. The right looks better than the left.




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